On Monday March 27 evening, the Rs 1.65 crore car got stalled at a petrol bunk in Kadri, Karnataka after a overenthusiastic pump attendant put in diesel in its tank instead of petrol.


The report which first appeared in DajjiWorld, also has images of the car standing  at the pump. The MLA’s son had taken the Volvo XC 90 T9 for a fill up and despite telling the pump attendant to top it up with petrol, the man probably awed by the sight of the Swedish car, ending up doing just the opposite. By the time, they noticed the error, the damage was done.


Contrary to reports, there is hope for the car but an expensive one at that. It needs to be brought back to Bengaluru where it will be cleaned.



While everybody was expecting the MLA and his kin to lash out at the petrol pump attendant, Mohiuddin Bava has been pretty chill about it and in fact has been quoted as saying “To err is human. It is common to make mistakes and we respect humans more than machines.” The report states that the petrol pump concerned has apologised and accepted their mistake.


The XC90  T9 is the country’s first plug-in hybrid SUV. The Excellence trim is also the most luxurious trim Volvo offers on its cars. The SUV boasts a combined power output of 407 hp and peak torque of 640 Nm. It has an all-electric range of 40 km. It is a petrol hybrid car. 



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This is what needs to be done in the case of the MLA’s car now. Since diesel has been put into a petrol tank, the fuel mixture will take time to burn. In this case the petrol car will not start because diesel is viscous (thick) and is being subject to spark ignition instead of compression. As a result the car was stalled and refused to start.  The resolution to this will involve draining the tank, installing new fuel filters because the thick fuel will ruin the petrol injectors.