Newsables' action gets justice to a Dalit woman

The victim of sexual exploitation, blackmail and atrocity thanked Newsable for its help in filing the police complaint and also alerting another girl who was supposed to get married to accused Satish who belong to upper caste.

Satish had promised the victim to get married and took Rs 60,000 from her. He staged a marriage drama at Dharmasthala to gain the girls trust and later sexually exploited her. And when she wanted to move to his house, he said he cannot accept her as she belongs to a lower caste. The enraged girl approached police but the cops turned her complaint down. The victim approached Newsable in February and a complaint was filed after taking senior police office into confidence. The accused was arrested in two days and sent to jail. Now, it's over two months and he is still in jail. The girl said, if he was out he would have married another girl whose marriage was fixed on April 19. 

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