Karnataka Congress Women's unit President Lakshmi Hebbalkar has earned the wrath of people of Karnataka. She has allegedly praised Maharashtra and said that she would be the first one to shout Jai Maharashtra with the flag the state Belagavi joins Maharashtra.

"If Belagavi joins Maharashtra, I will be the first one to shout out shout jai Maharashtra with the state flag," said the Karnataka Congress leader leaving the people of the state fuming.

Lakshmi spoke these words at a Ganesh Chaturthi celebration in Belagavi on August 27.

The audio of Lakshmi stating thus has gone viral, but still the state Congress leaders DK Shivakumar and Siddaramaiah have tried to defend her and said that she would not have said anything like that.

Suvarna News has reported that when asked about the controversial statement, Lakshmi was adamant and said, "I am not afraid of anyone. So I will speak as I want. I fear only God and my parents, and I don't care about caste, religion or any person."

People have started staging protests against her. There is a protest being held at Gokak in Belagavi and at Basava Circle too.

It can be noted that there is a border fight between Maharashtra and Karnataka regarding Belagavi. People of  Belagavi are divided, and especially the Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti [MES] is busy arranging anti-Karnataka events and programmes.

Now, being the Karnataka leader, Lakshmi Hebbalkar's comments have come as a shocker to people of the state. If the protests increase, will the government take any action against Lakshmi Hebbalkar?    

Lakshmi Hebbalkar has apologised to the people of Karnataka for having hurt their sentiments with her statement.