Anupam Agarwal, an IPs officer, who is also the director of Youth Empowerment and Sports Department has been accused of denying entry to national-level athletes to the Sree Kanteerava Stadium so that his wife could practice allegedly without any disturbance.

Upset, athletes are now forced to use the Cubbon Park space to keep up their fitness regimen. The development has shocked the sports fraternity as the national-level events are just a few days away.

According to Suvarna News, Agarwal's wife Shwetha Agarwal comes to the stadium to workout. She has a coach too. However, for the past two months, the athletes - who were coached by one Yatish Kumar - have been facing hurdles in the stadium, ever since one of the athletes requested Shwetha to change the track for her workout.

Suvarna News reported that the security guards at the stadium are not allowing them to work out in the stadium. Worse, when they went to complain to the station, the Sampangi Ram Nagar police denied taking the complaint allegedly at the behest of the officer, Agarwal. A few days ago, the athletes and their parents appealed to the officer to allow them to practice as the national events were nearing. The officer reportedly agreed.

But on Saturday, the athletes faced the similar treatment by the security guards at the stadium. When the matter reached the officer, he reportedly deployed the home guards allegedly to shoo away the athletes. The guards reportedly told the athletes that "Athletes coached by Yatish will not be allowed in the stadium."

Speaking to the news channel, the officer Anupam Agarwal outrightly denied these allegations. "As per the orders, we don't allow the non-qualified coach to the stadium and Yatish is a non-qualified coach. But we have never stopped the athletes from practising," Agarwal said. He also termed the allegations by athletes as baseless.

"National sports meets are just a few days away, and in April, Commonwealth games are scheduled. We want to perform our best to bring medals to the country. But here we are denied our basic right," rued one of the athletes while speaking to the channel.