The incident happened at the Gundmi toll gate on the Kochi-Mumbai National Highway near Udupi in Karnataka around 9.30pm on March 11. The doctor, a native of Mysuru, used his debit card to pay for Rs 40. In a bid to leave the toll gate, he just pocketed the toll receipt given by the attendant and went on his way. After almost 5km, he noticed the message flashing on his phone and that’s when he realised the immensity of the transaction.


The message read that Rs 4 lakh had been debited from his account and the doctor immediately took a turn back to the  toll gate and the police was informed about it.


According to the report in Times of India, police maintained that no complaint had been filed in this regard and matter was solved in the night itself. It was the toll attendant’s fault, and so the managing company had been contacted as well. Navayuga Company, in charge of the road works, had sub-let the contract to another firm. Navayuga refused to compensate the doctor and so the firm in charge decided to pay the man through cheque.


Wary of cheques, the doctor insisted he be paid in cash and so he waited until 4am when he had Rs 4 lakh cash safely in his possession. Explaining the incident, officials there have attributed it to a technical error. And also have also said that since their bank does not show a record of the money being deducted, they have taken a written letter from the doctor stating that in case of a refund, he would return the cash.


Well, all’s well that ends well. We certainly wouldn’t want to be in that doctor’s position. And also this story serves as reminder as to why you must always check your toll receipts before leaving the toll gate.