The district administration has claimed that more than 600 tribals have illegally occupied the reserve forest and put up huts there. The police are forcing the tribals to move out.

As the evacuation drive started, the woman leader of these tribals, Mutthamma climbed the tree and threatened to jump off if they tried to force any of them to leave the forest. Despite the threatening, the police are continuing its evacuation drive. All the tribals have expressed anger against the drive and are refusing to move out. The situation in the forest is tensed.

In the last December, the tribals had staged a protest demanding title deeds for their stay inside the forest. The district administration had held talks with the tribal leaders and had forcibly made them agree to the pact to move out to a place identified by the forest officials.

Though initially, the tribals agreed to go to the new place, now they have refused to do so. In addition, the protesters have shifted their huts put up on the road side and have set them up inside the reserve forest five days ago, intensifying their protest.

In December last year, Kuduva tribals living at Diddalli in the Madikeri forest were evacuated by the forest officials on December 7. These tribals are living in the forest for generations together.

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The Aa Dinagalu hero Chetan also took part in the protest with the Diddalli Tribals and demanded that government take necessary action and provide them with shelter. At a time, when most of the actors extend their support digitally, that is through the media or social posts, Chetan makes it a point to attend and participate in the protests and connects directly to the victim.

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