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AI-equipped vehicles to cover 1400 km weekly for monitoring 'Brand Bengaluru' issues

Bengaluru has deployed 15 AI-equipped vehicles to patrol its streets, aiming to address urban challenges like roadblocks and improper garbage disposal. These vehicles, covering 1,400 kilometres weekly, use cameras to identify issues and immediately alert respective engineers. This initiative enhances city management efficiency and supports Bengaluru's goal to become a cleaner, greener.

AI-equipped vehicles to cover 1400 km weekly for monitoring 'Brand Bengaluru' issues vkp
First Published May 29, 2024, 11:37 AM IST

Bengaluru has launched a new initiative that uses AI-equipped vehicles to monitor various urban challenges, including roadblocks, improper garbage disposal, and the condition of footpaths. This effort is part of the city's broader goal to become a cleaner and greener urban area by leveraging advanced technology.

The city corporation plans to launch a fleet of 15 vehicles, each fitted with specialized cameras. These vehicles are designed to patrol the streets of Bengaluru, covering a remarkable distance of 1,400 kilometres each week. As they traverse the city, the AI technology on board will continuously scan and identify various urban challenges.

Upon detecting an issue, the system will automatically alert the engineer responsible for the respective zone. This prompt communication ensures that problems can be addressed swiftly, improving efficiency and responsiveness in city management.

This project not only aims to enhance the aesthetic appeal and cleanliness of Bengaluru but also seeks to streamline urban management through digital innovation. The information gathered by these AI-equipped vehicles will be sent directly to mobile devices, ensuring that data on urban challenges is easily accessible and actionable.

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