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'Congress fails to appreciate country's accomplishments..' PM Modi addresses rally in Karnataka's Belagavi

Ahead of phase 3 Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi holds back-to-back rallies in Northern Karnataka, criticizing Congress for neglecting national interests and prioritizing personal gains. Modi emphasizes India's progress, contrasts it with alleged Congress failures, and urges support for BJP's vision.

'Congress fails to appreciate country's accomplishments..' PM Modi addresses rally in Karnataka's Belagavi vkp
First Published Apr 28, 2024, 12:10 PM IST

Ahead of the phase 3 Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has held four back-to-back rallies in the Northern Karnataka stronghold. Kickstarting his campaign in Belagavi, PM Modi expressed pride in India's progress and achievements, contrasting it with what he sees as Congress's neglect of national interests. Modi spoke passionately, emphasizing the strides made under his government's leadership and condemning what he described as Congress's focus on personal gain over the welfare of the nation.

"India's rise as a powerhouse fills us all with pride," Modi declared. "But the Congress, so entangled in familial interests, fails to appreciate our country's accomplishments."

Modi highlighted the efforts of historical figures like Shivaji Maharaj and Basavanna, underscoring their contributions to India's development. He juxtaposed this with what he perceives as Congress's misguided priorities, citing instances of alleged appeasement politics and failures in governance.

"Congress lies and misleads the public," Modi asserted. "They claim credit even for achievements they had no part in". The Prime Minister criticized Congress's handling of law and order, pointing to incidents of violence and injustice under their governance. He accused Congress of pandering to vote banks and neglecting the nation's security.

"In contrast, my government has prioritized justice and security for all," Modi emphasized. "We have banned organizations like the PFI, which pose a threat to our nation's stability."

Modi concluded by invoking pride in India's heritage and urging voters to support his party's vision for the nation's future. He criticized Congress for allegedly glorifying historical figures who, he claims, acted against India's interests.

"As we honour heroes like Shivaji Maharaj and Rani Chennamma, Congress praises those who desecrated our temples and oppressed our people," Modi remarked. "It's time to reject such divisive politics and embrace a brighter future for India." The Prime Minister's speech resonated with the audience in Belagavi, reflecting widespread sentiment among his supporters. 

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