A shocking incident took place in Katwa, East Burdwan. A schoolteacher has been accused of assaulting a van driver. The driver of the van was allegedly beaten with an iron rod. The victim was admitted to the hospital in critical condition and died while undergoing treatment.

Amit Mallik, a school teacher by profession, allegedly beat up a van driver named Meghnath Pandit. According to reports, Amit Mallick is a mathematics teacher at Lavpur High School in Birbhum. There is a shop on the ground floor of his house. Meghnath Pandit was sleeping on the veranda in front of the shop. 

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Amit Mallick saw Meghnath sleeping and got furious. He asked Meghnath to get up and leave the place immediately. The van driver didn’t get up after repeated callings. Allegedly, at that time, the school teacher started beating Meghnath with an iron rod.

Tensions spread in the area due to the incident. The driver of the van was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. After treatment, the doctors released Meghnath from the hospital. On Sunday (October 25) night, the Meghnath’s health condition deteriorated again. He died at Katwa Hospital around Monday (October 26) night. Katwa police have started interrogating the accused school teacher.