Kolkata: A school opened in Nodakhali of Budge Budge disregarding state government guidelines. Examinations are being conducted in the school. Not only that, private school authorities have also issued guidelines for examinations. When contacted by Asianet News Bangla authorities frankly admitted to breaking the rules and regulations issued by the government. As soon as the incident became public, there was a stir in the area.

The name of the school is MIM Academy, located at Birlamor in Nodakhali of Budge Budge. Students study from Nursery to Class 10 in the school. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the authorities have arranged an examination for the Class 2 students. The guardians were asked to bring various items from home and be present in uniform. Apart from this, all the children were also gathered in the school, accompanied by their guardians.

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Several questions were raised after this incident took place. Experienced people from different fields of work have asked where the health rules in this COVID-19 pandemic are? “When the state government has given guidelines, then why was the Disaster Management Act not complied with?” they asked.

The state government declared a holiday on September 1 due to the death of the country's former President Pranab Mukherjee. However, the private school MIM Academy arranged the examination on the same day (September 1). The school authorities arranged Bengali and English examinations from 10 am. In addition, the school authorities issued some guidelines to comply with the health safety rules.

Vedur Ansari, an observer, and teacher at the private school MIM Academy, said, “We are disobeying the state government's lockdown guidelines, thinking of the future of all the students. Since all the private offices in the area are open, we have arranged examinations in the school. No one has allowed us to open the school. We have decided to talk to the parents."

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“You are trying to harm our school, so you are making news against us,” he further commented.

On the other hand, some parents have questioned whether the school named MIM Academy is government authorized. Their question was, if it was a government-approved school, then why would the school authorities disobey government issued guidelines?

The state government has imposed a weekly lockdown to prevent COVID-19 spread. All government schools are closed due to the pandemic.

The only question is why the private school MIM Academy has arranged examinations in this situation?

Many people have been vocal about the issue. Prominent people have demanded the administration take appropriate action against the private school named MIM Academy.