A shocking incident took place in Ekbalpur. The body of a young girl wrapped in a cement sack was recovered from Mohammad Ali Road in Ekbalpur police station area on Thursday (November 19) morning.

Police said locals were suspicious when they saw a sack of cement lying in the road early morning. As soon as they opened the cement sack, they found the body of a young girl with her arms and legs wrapped inside the sack. The locals immediately informed Ekbalpur police station. 

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The police came and recovered the body and sent it for autopsy. The young woman has signs of injuries on her body. According to police sources, the girl's name was Saba Khatun.  She was 20 years old. She used to live with her grandmother in Watganj. 

However, for the last two months, she has been staying as a paying guest at the house of a friend named Reshma in Warish Lane. 

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On Wednesday (November 18) evening, Saba got a call on her mobile phone. After receiving the call, she hurriedly left home. Later, her mobile phone was found switched off and the people of the house could not contact her. On Thursday morning, Saba’s body was recovered from a cement sack.

The whereabouts of the victim's mobile phone have not been matched yet. Police are also trying to find out the accused. The cause of the murder is also being investigated. The body is currently being examined. Saba's family members have also been informed.