At a time when hate mongers and fundamentals are dividing communities based on faith, a Muslim man has shown his large heartedness by giving land worth crore to build Hanuman Temple. 

The Temple Trust had placed a request of just 4 cent as they were facing shortage of space, realising the influx of devotees, HMG Basha gifted 1.5 guntas. 

Basha, a 65 year old Bengaluru resident, owns 3 acres at Hoskote in city outskirts and when the Veeranjaneyaswamy Devalaya Seva Trust planned to renovate and build the temple in grand scale they faced shortage of land. 

With real estate value expected to shoot up in this area, Basha could have opted to make money but he just wanted to send a message to stop those spreading lies, deceit and false narrative against Muslim community due to some blacksheeps. 

Thanking Basha's guesture, the villagers have put up a poster of Basha and mentioned the details about his donation, within few hours, his name was all over Hoskote and soon social media lapped it up. 

It is said that few villagers were hesitant to approach Basha thinking he may not agree specially at a time when uncertainty is looming large due to differences in some parts post Bengaluru riots. But Basha took the initiative and convinced them to take extra land as a symbol of peaceful co-existence.