When the celestial event Solar Eclipse takes place at 7:03 pm today, pundits, astrologers take center stage on TV screens predicting the bad and worse.

Some go to the extent of saying that one should not eat, venture out or pregnant women and children should be confined to homes. In a befitting reply to this very thinking, rationalists group named Moodanambike Virodhi Okkoota, Bengaluru have organised a chicken biriyani feast at Town Hall.

The group's contention is that these pundits and astrologers appearing on TV speak nonsense and have no scientific backing for such thinking and term it as blind belief.

"This eclipse is purely a celestial event, a complete science and everyone has the right to watch it. Some astrologers say pregnant women or children should not come out as it will have a bad impact, this is absolute nonsense. What if the women suddenly had a labour pain or a medical emergency, should they be confined to home and left to die." T Narasimhamurty, an organiser of the event said.

He further added, in the past also he along with several others of similar thinking held the event and had a non-veg meal in open and was not cursed.

"Some use this eclipse or amavasya day to scare innocent public and make money by suggesting some rituals."