Superstar Rajinikanth's close aide and political advisor Tamilaruvi Manian has resigned.

In a brief statement, Tamilaruvi announced that he would not return to politics till his death.

The announcement comes a day after Rajinikanth announced that he would not launch his political party in view of his health condition.

Tamilaruvi's statement said, "During my college years, I started my political career at the feet of Kamaraj. For more than fifty years my political career has been impeccable. The political arena has become a haven for dirty survivalists seeking self-interest in the name of caste, religion, race and language." 

"There is no value to honesty, truth and morality here.  I have never lived outside of virtue. Never handcuffed anyone under any circumstances. Even today my life is going on in a normal rental house. A superior alternative politics based on the welfare of the people should flourish in this soil; The only crime I committed was continuing to try to realize my dream of seeing Kamaraj rule in Tamil Nadu again."

"I no longer have anything to achieve in a political world that does not discriminate between gems and pebbles. It is prudent for me to abstain completely from the political arena where my honesty, purity and morals are not praised. I receive the answer at the feet of the friends of the Gandhian People's Movement who joined hands with me for the benefit of society without considering any exchange. I will never step back into politics until the last day when death embraces me."