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'Parliament security breach is inexcusable, clueless about motives...' says intruder's father (WATCH)

Devaraju Gowda, a farmer hailing from Karnataka, expressed his bewilderment upon learning that his son, Manoranjan, was allegedly been involved in the Parliament security breach on Wednesday. 

Parliament security breach is inexcusable clueless about motives says intruder's father (WATCH) snt
First Published Dec 13, 2023, 4:50 PM IST

In the aftermath of the unprecedented security breach at the Indian Parliament on Wednesday, the father of one of the two intruders who disrupted proceedings and released yellow gas canisters, has expressed shock and disbelief. Two persons, involved in the Lok Sabha incident, have been identified as Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan, who hails from Karnataka's Mysuru. Sagar Sharma had reportedly come to the visitor's gallery as a guest of Mysuru Lok Sabha member Pratap Simha.

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Devaraju Gowda, a farmer hailing from Karnataka, expressed his bewilderment upon learning that his son, Manoranjan, was allegedly been involved in the Parliament security breach. He revealed that Manoranjan completed his education in 2014 after pursuing studies in Bengaluru. The 35-year-old, holding a BE in Computer Science from Mysore Vivekanand University, had been shuttling between Delhi and Bangalore frequently. Despite the regular travels, Gowda claimed to be oblivious to his son's recent whereabouts, a fact that adds to the mystique surrounding the unfolding events.

"My son, Manoranjan, pursued his studies in Bangalore, completing his education in 2014. He used to travel between Delhi and Bangalore frequently. However, I am unaware of his recent whereabouts. I work as a farmer, and Manoranjan has been a diligent student. He occasionally visited our farm and assisted the workers. He never disclosed his destinations or reasons for his travels," he told reporters.

Expressing his shock and disapproval, Gowda stated unequivocally that if Manoranjan is indeed involved in the Parliament breach, he considers it "inexcusable." Drawing a poignant analogy, Gowda likened the Indian Parliament to a temple, emphasizing the sacredness of the institution and vehemently condemning any actions that compromise its sanctity. 

"If my son is involved in this incident, it is inexcusable. The Parliament is like a temple and I vehemently condemn such actions. I am clueless about his motives behind such behaviour. Regarding the case or any other related information, I am unaware. I possess no further details beyond that," he added.

At approximately 1 pm, the two intruders breached security by leaping into the chamber from the public gallery. Eyewitness accounts from several MPs present in the House reveal that one of the intruders skillfully maneuvered over the benches, while the other was left suspended from the gallery before eventually descending into the chamber.

Simultaneously, two individuals, accompanied by a woman, discharged colored gas from canisters and vocalized slogans such as 'tanashahi nahi chalegi' outside the Parliament premises. Security forces promptly detained all four individuals involved in the incident.

Rajendra Agrawal, a member of the BJP presiding over the session, adjourned the proceedings until 2 pm when a section of the Lok Sabha chamber became engulfed in yellow-colored smoke.

"Two intruders have been arrested from inside Parliament, two from outside. All their belongings have been seized...The entire matter is being investigated thoroughly," Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said when the House re-convened at 2 pm.

With some members raising the issue of the recent threat to attack Parliament, Birla said "What you are referring to, it is not that matter as per preliminary report." 

Although the protestors' affiliation remained unclear initially, it is noteworthy that Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, a Khalistani terrorist based in the United States, had recently issued a video threat regarding an attack on Parliament on or before December 13. In response to the incident, Birla convened a meeting of MPs from all parties later in the day to address their concerns.

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