Kamakhya Temple, one of the country’s shakti piths in Guwahati, will glitter in gold this Diwali. The dome above the main temple of Kamakhya is currently being plated in gold. 

About 20 kgs of gold have been donated by Mukesh Ambani, for the decoration of the temple. During Mukesh Ambani’s last visit to Kamakhya Temple, he assured the temple committee that his company (Reliance) will bear the cost of the main tomb of the temple which will be designed with gold.

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The Doloi (head) of the temple said that the preliminary works of the temple have already been completed and the entire work will be completed by Diwali. The work is being done by engineers and workers sent by the Reliance group. Reliance has also allotted strict security in the temple premises.

Mohit Chandra Sarma, doloi of the Kamakhya Temple Trust Board, said, “The Reliance group has sent workers from their company and we have also received the gold which was brought under tight security. The temple premises have been beefed up with tight security provided by the company itself.”

“We are happy and excited to have a glimpse of the Kamakhya temple in a new look,” he added.

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Currently, artisans from Mumbai are working overtime to complete the work before Diwali