TMC MP Madan Mitra faced many questions after he wrote the word ‘pack up’ in one of his Facebook posts. Speculations started in the political arena with these two words. Everyone wants to know why Madan Mitra suddenly wrote the word pack-up on Facebook.

However, Madan Mitra clarified that these words were directed to mean about his future plans. He said, “Pack-up does not mean just finishing something. I wrote these words to mean that we should start planning the party’s upcoming strategies for the upcoming assembly polls.”

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“We should explain the power and popularity of the Trinamool Congress. People must bring the TMC back in power. Even if the party does not give me a special post, I will still work for the party,” he added.

Madan Mitra also said that his popularity has not waned since he has not been involved in active politics for a long time.