Ever since the chief minister's request for contributions towards CMDRF for COVID-19 mitigation went on air, donations had been pouring into the Chief Minister's Disaster Relief Fund. People across the state are sending in their contributions irrespective of how big or small the amounts are. One such contribution has earned accolades from the society due to its goodwill. The video of him handing over his contribution to the local police sub inspector has gone viral on social media.

Drupad the LKG student of Eranjoli Navas LP School had been saving up for quite some time to buy a study table. But, after listening to the CM's request for contribution to the fight against coronavirus he changed his mind. The boy took his piggy bank to local sub inspector Binu Mohan and handed it over to him. This goodwill gesture from Drupad, coming at this crucial juncture when the state and its employees are locking horns over the Salary Challenge has earned him a lot of praise on social media.