Kodagu: With the outbreak of COVID-19 across the world, everyday activities have been disturbed including education.

Most schools and colleges had turned to online classes over the last few months to maintain social distance and avoid the spread of COVID-19.

As schools and colleges started teaching online, not everyone had the access to online education due to lack of infrastructure such as laptops or desktops or internet facilities at home.

The same was the situation of many students at a government school in Ammathi, Kodagu. However, a 14-year-old girl from Bengaluru came to their rescue.

14-year-old Kaveri Poovanna who is studying in the 9th grade realised that not many children of her age had the privilege or access to laptops or mobile phones and this way they would lack education.

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Kaveri came forward to raise funds to donate a laptop and a projector to the government school in Ammathi, which is also her mother’s hometown.

Speaking to Asianet Newsable the teenager said “I chose to do this after realising that children could not go to school at these times. Education is very important to me and we all need to realise that it is the only way to move forward. If there is anything you can do to help the society, you just need to do it. Even if it is hard, even if it will take up a lot of your time, at the end of the day it will make the world a better place”.

Kaveri was the first donator in her own fundraiser. The 14-year-old had saved up to Rs 5,000, which she had received as a gift on her birthday from her family.

With just Rs 5,000 Kaveri’s fundraiser went up to Rs 1,90,000 after her friends, family and relatives pitched in more money.

Kaveri bought the laptop and projector for close to Rs 1,00,00, and donated the rest of the money in the form of a cheque to the government school.

From saving Rs 5,000 from her very own birthday gift to raising funds up to Rs 2 lakhs, this young girl is indeed inspiring many teenagers to make the world a better place.