Bengaluru: For those living in Karnataka’s Arsikere, Haasan district, and who ate mutton recently, this news comes as a shocker.

Police raided the mutton market on Tippu Road in Arsikere town. The shops were selling beef as mutton.

According to police, some shop owners in Arsikere town, which is about 195 kms from Bengaluru, were illegally slaughtering cows, calves and selling as mutton.

An NGO that received a tipoff regarding this informed police and they reached the spot along with few locals.

Upon arriving at the spot, seeing a police vehicle, few of the mutton shop owners fled the scene. However, police managed to catch some of them. During the raid, the police found cow and calf meat.

According to reports, despite the ban on sale and slaughter of cows, this was going on illegally. Also, bones and legs of cows were dumped and calves were tied in a corner.

Police arrested three persons under the Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughter and Cattle Prevention Act. Six calves and seven cows from the shops were rescued and sent to a shelter house in Mandya.