Doctors from the Protect the Warriors (PTW) visited 88 puja pandals in Kolkata to check the status of COVID safety compliance. The doctors were happy to see that some pandals have taken all the necessary precautions. However, at some pandals, they appealed to the puja committees with suggestions on improving the protocols.

ENT consultant Abhik Ghosh, secretary PTW, who led the team to some pandals in the northern part of the city said, “We found that some committees were very proactive in their attempt to minimize crowd gathering.”

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Public health expert Anirban Dalui, treasurer of PTW, said, “We came across committees like Ballygunge Cultural announcing from now that no visitor would be allowed on days like Ashtami for specific duration. And pujas like Santohspur Tridhara have kept their pandal completely open so that people can see it from the road.”

The doctors had divided themselves into five teams on Tuesday (October 20). The other three teams were led by doctors Swarnapali Maity, Soumik Goswami and Somnath Bhar.

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The doctors, though, said while many pujas were trying to restrict crowd, steps at some pujas were not impressive.