Deputy Election Commissioner Sudip Jain will hold meeting in Kolkata on Thursday (December 17) with the police and administrative officials to discuss preparations for the 2021 assembly elections. 

Important issues during the discussion will focus on rectification of voter list, names of the people who have died still persists in voter list, and chances of fake voting.

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In addition, major political parties have also been given time to discuss various issues with the Deputy Election Commissioner. As a result, representatives of different parties will also get a chance to talk about the voting situation with Sudip Jain.

Incidentally, several officials, including the Chief Electoral Officer of Bihar, are also present at the meeting with Sudip Jain. The first vote in the country was held in Bihar. As a result, their presence at the meeting is also important. According to sources, the Chief Electoral Officer of Bihar joined the meeting virtually.

The commission chief arrived in the city on Wednesday (December 16) night. At first it was decided that he would stay in the state for 3 days, but it got extended to 5 days, sources said. Sudip arranged the tour schedule in South Bengal and North Bengal with equal amount of time. He is also scheduled to hold meetings with administrative officials in Malda and Siliguri.

Incidentally, the BJP has already gone to the Election Commission of Delhi and requested the state to vote under the observation of the central forces. At the same time, they demanded the immediate introduction of a 'standard electoral code of conduct' in the state. According to sources, Sudip Jain will also look into those issues during his visit.

Recently, BJP all-India president JP Nadda’s convoy was attacked in West Bengal. The Central Home Department has taken the matter seriously. In addition, the BJP has been vocal about the deaths of many BJP workers, including Ulen Roy. In this atmosphere, the opposition BJP has started raising questions about the law and order situation in the state. 

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Various political parties have already complained to the commission about the law and order situation. As a result, the discussion regarding the law and order situation in the state may become important in this meeting. State police and administrative officials may face questions from the Deputy Election Commissioner.

According to sources, SudipJain will hold meetings with district governors, superintendents of police, and police commissioners of 14 districts at a five-star hotel in central Kolkata. In the second half, the commission secretary in charge of West Bengal can hold a meeting with the chief secretary of the state and the home secretary. In the last half, he will hold separate meetings with the representatives of the major political parties.