Bengaluru: A woman from Bengaluru named Nupur, who had to go through a horrifying experience after a man from her locality flashed at her from a terrace, got the culprit arrested on Wednesday.

However, the police let him off with a strict warning on Thursday.

A resident of Koramangala, the woman took to Instagram on Tuesday to post snaps of a man standing on a terrace and flashing at her on November 8.

The man lives just two blocks away from her apartment, and since the houses are not well spaced out, it gives easy access to each other’s residences.

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Nupur stated that she threatened to take pictures of him and when she brought out her camera, the pervert pulled up his pants and stood there watching her.

"I moved into this apartment one month ago. His house is not very far from mine. He stood there staring at me for an hour, which made me very uncomfortable. The first thought in my head was to not stay silent. The second thought was of fear because he knew which building I was living in. So, I yelled at him and used abusive words. Immediately, his pants dropped, and he gave me a disgusting smile while he flashed at me," she posted on her Instagram account.


Initially, the woman was sceptical about calling the police and decided to get counsel from women helplines. Nupur tried reaching out to Vanitha Sahayavani, 1091, and National Commission for Women (NCW) but they were not reachable. Finally, she called the police and got the man arrested.