Ahead of the upcoming West Bengal Legislative Assembly election, Deputy Election Commissioner and in-charge of West Bengal Sudeep Jain on Wednesday (January 13) met officials of the district magistrate, superintendent of police, police commissioners of Commissionerate’s and the office of the state CEO or Chief Electoral Officer. 

According to administrative sources, the commission officials have duly 'warned' the officers at all levels to ensure free and peaceful elections. He made it clear that even the slightest negligence will not be relieved.

Officials said that the commission had earlier asked them to show cause if there were allegations of negligence against any officer involved in controlling the law and order situation or conducting the polls. If there was no fair answer, the commission would take disciplinary action. The commission-officer has made it clear to everyone that the commission can directly punish the concerned officer in case of negligence.

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Raising a wide range of questions about the law and order situation and management, Sudeep Jain has directed to complete all the 'unfinished' works within a week or two. The district administrations think that the full bench of the commission may come to the state within the mentioned time. According to the administration, it will not be too late to announce the dates of the election after the full bench has visited the state. The commission wants to end the assembly polls in the state by April.

According to sources, Jain raised the question as to why no action has been taken against all the accused despite having non-bailable arrest warrants. He directed that all the warrants should be executed within a week or two. The message has also been given to remove the revocable names from the voter list. Jain has verified the equivalent of the list of the most sensitive, sensitive booths. He also directed to take action against the perpetrators of violence in the 2016 and 2019 elections. Jain's message to the Superintendent of Police and Police Commissioners is that negligence in controlling violence will not be tolerated in this election.

The commission will take necessary steps to ensure peaceful voting. In addition to the emphasis on creating crime and law enforcement information each week, it has also been asked to identify areas that are sensitive in terms of financial transactions. The Deputy Election Commissioner explained that the Commission would not tolerate even the slightest error in this regard. “There is a lot of pressure on the police administration,” said one officer.

According to administrative sources, the commission has indicated that a record number of central forces may come to the polls. The commission has decided that there will be a maximum of 1,050 voters at the polling station this time. There are more than 78,000 polling stations in the state. According to administrative sources, the new rules will increase the number of booths by at least 28,000. Accordingly, the number of voters and security personnel will also increase. Observers say the commission's tough stance on law and order could also be a catalyst for an increase in the number of central forces.

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According to the polling officials, Jain has given additional responsibility to the district magistrates in selecting new and additional polling stations. The voters have been asked to maintain all the COVID-19 rules. Jain also directed to take immediate action if there is any negligence on the part of the polling staff.

The State Election Commission will be publishing the final voters' list on January 15. Legislative Assembly elections for the 294 seat-West Bengal Legislative Assembly are scheduled to be held in 2021. The tenure of the current government in West Bengal comes to an end on May 30.