But don’t worry, becoming a patriot is easy, just follow these five principles and you will heralded as a patriot, no matter what!


  1. Stand for the National Anthem played before the movie starts in the theatre

It is absolutely ok if you beat the person sitting next you because he is blocking your view. But do stand!

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  1. Don’t pass by a  national flag without saluting it

Just like you do namaskara before any temple, church or mosque, stand and salute whenever you see the National Flag.


  1. Do not speak against Modi or demonetisation

If you say there is no cash in the ATM or that you can’t buy medicine or food because of demonetisation introduced by PM Modi, you are sure to be branded anti-national. You will also be heralded as holder of black money!

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  1. Do not write anything against the national anthem or the flag

If you are writing a book on anything, please do not question the concept of nationalism, respect towards national anthem or the national flag. If you do so, you are not only an anti-national, but will also be arrested for doing so.

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  1. You are surely anti-national if you do not know Hindi

Many people (wrongly) hail that Hindi is our national language and those who do not speak Hindi are considered a threat to Indian nationalism. But according to the Constitution which India follows, Hindi is an official language just like English and India does not have a national language at all.

I think I just qualified to be an anti-national!