Telangana Rashtra Samithi chief and Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao's attempts to form an anti-BJP forum have been nipped in the bud by the Congress party.

Addressing a party meeting at the TRS Bhavan, KCR had sought to reach out to all parties, saying: "Will speak to all the anti-BJP leaders in India and will organise the first conclave in Hyderabad in December second week. We should stand against the Modi led government and TRS will fight for that."

Reacting to KCR's call, Congress scoffed at KCR's call 

Congress Working Committee member and AICC in-charge of Telangana, Manickam Tagore took to Twitter to say: "Whenever Modi-Shah needs your help in Rajya Sabha, you will help them but (now you want to) organise conclave. Do you think the opposition leaders who are fighting the Modi-Shah can be confused? Chandrasekar-Naveen-Jagan are the ATM (anytime Modi) supporters! Chandrasekar can’t fool all."