Chennai: Rithish, a 6-year-old boy, is suffering from cancer and as his body has stopped producing new blood cells. He needs a bone marrow transplant for any chance of survival.

During the summer of last year, Rithish suddenly blacked out and fell. His parents took him to a paediatrician, where following a blood test, the doctor suggested that he be taken to Sri Ramachandra Hospital in Chennai. After several tests that were conducted, doctors informed that Rithish was suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. 

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"I miss playing with my friends at school and in my street," said Rithish.

Currently, Rithish's body has stopped producing sufficient new blood cells. He requires a bone marrow transplant for any chance of survival.

Rithish's father Durai works as a security guard in Chennai and mother is a homemaker. The family has now shifted to Chennai for treatment and resides in a rented room near the hospital as they cannot afford to pay the hospital room charges.

"Due to the lack of blood, my son cannot walk normally like other children. We led a simple life in our village. But today, we are spending nights in hospital fighting for our son's life. It feels so terrible to watch my son being injected every four hours and what he has to go through," said his mother Vijayakumari.

The hospital has estimated the cost of treatment to be around Rs 10 lakh to Rs 12 lakh. As the parents come from a low socio-economic background and cannot afford to pay the money to treat their son, they have appealed to people to help their son.

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