Health experts come up with new trends and food opinions every day. Some of them are beneficial while some are just disgusting, just like the latest trend that takes stomach churning to the next level. 

According to an article published in Health magazine, cockroach milk is highly filled with nutrients and is more beneficial than cows milk, four times more to be exact. 

Ever since the news got out, health freaks have been obsessing over this. Experts say that Pacific Beatle is the only species that lactates and the nutrients present in it is used by the said species to feed its infants. After the study was conducted, it was concluded that the nutrients present in cockroach milk are beneficial for humans as well. This cockroach milk is also said to be rich in amino acids that help in cell growth, lipids vital for a healthy body. 

Now the question that arises is, would you drink cockroach milk for health reasons?

Check out what Twitter has to say about this new found study-

There is only ONE segment of the population who sees this as a health obsession. Only one.

— James Fluid-Bond (@negroid_android) May 23, 2018