Even as the controversy over the Tanishq commercial continues to rage, television news channel NDTV has been called out over its report on an alleged attack on the jewellery brand's store in Gujarat.

The news channel had reported that a Tanishq store in Gujarat's Gandhidham had been 'attacked' by a mob. But hours later, netizens called out NDTV for misreporting the incident.

Saravanaprasad Balasubramanian

எவ்வளவு பச்சையா பொய்யை பரப்பி பிரச்சனையை பெருசு பண்றானுங்க பாருங்க எச்சப்பய என்டிடிவி பத்திரிகை வேசிங்க?? கடைக்காரனுக்கே டாக்டர் நீல் போன் போட்டப்புறம் தான் தன் கடைய பத்திய பொய் செய்தி ஓடுறது தெரிய...

The store manager and local police officials too confirmed the misreporting. 

Rahul Manuja, manager of Tanishq store in Gandhidham, said: "The store has not been attacked. However, I received some threat calls. The police have supported us."

Mayur Patil, SP of Kutch (East) said: "On October 12, two people came to Tanishq store in Gandhidham and demanded to put up an apology in Gujarati. The shop owner had fulfilled the demand but he was getting threat calls from Kutch. The news about the store being attacked are false."


SP East Kutch exposing @ndtv 👇🏻 pic.twitter.com/ilHlvzsait

NDTV has since modified its report.