India is currently dealing with the second wave of COVID-19. India is reported 273,810 plus new Covid-19 cases and 1,619 deaths—both highest single-day spikes. People are coming together to help each other by donating plasma, providing medicines, food etc.

Through social media, many have started sharing information about the hospital, ICU beds, oxygen cylinder availability, etc. Likewise, Shasvathi Siva was looking for donors for plasma for A+ blood group. Hence, Shasvathi's friends suggested she share this request, and her phone number on her Twitter handles with hashtags.

As she was trying to seek help for a COVID-19-infected family member online; but sadly, she was bombarded with random private part pics by strangers online. 

Shasvathi shared her story on and also tweeted the same, "In the midst of a family medical emergency, I'd passed out my number and received wildly inappropriate calls, video calls and dick pics. I wrote about this harrowing experience on @viceindia. Thank you for giving me a safe space to channel my anger." 

Not just that, in a few minutes, she also started received calls asking if she is single and started commenting on her display picture on social media. 

Here's what she tweeted post this incident, "Been looking for plasma donors, and my no has been around in some groups + stories. I've fielded calls from men asking me if I'm single, if I can share photos, my dp is nice etc, and 1 "friend" who said he'd help if 'at least now you go on a date with me' Some men are DISGUSTING (SIC)"

Shasvathi further added that she started getting proposals to go for dates and got several unknown numbers video calling her through WhatsApp.