What did Mohanlal's fan gift him on his 58th birthday?

On Mollywood superstar Mohanlal's 58th birthday, his fans planned a great surprise to make it special. The  Mohanlal fans association produced a video for his birthday and named it 'Chingapuli', which includes his first movie song, 'Manjil virinja pookal' to his latest movie song along with some scenes from his movies.

 The music and lyrics of the song are edited in such a way that whoever listens to the song will get thrilled. 

 Famous action choreographer Peter Haine launched the tribute Song. He posted the video to Mohanlal fans on his Facebook page.
 Tony Joseph, who composed the music for the movie 'Mohanlal', composed the song for Mohanlal's birthday too. Tony made the lines of Manu Manjyam the best. JoJo   Sebastian, Varun Unni, Josly Lonely, have sung the Tribute Song, and many people shared it on social media.

 Many people commented under Peter Hain's Facebook post. Laletten's birthday is a festival for his fans and Malayalis. His supporters always organise celebrations every year to make it special. Lalettan's new movie Nirali's teaser also released on his birthday, almost serving as the best treat for his fan base. 

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