Popular as Olle Hudga Pratham (Good Boy Pratham), was on FB live where he popped sleeping pills and tried to commit suicide at his residence in Bengaluru. This action was following a fight with his friend Local Loki.


Pratham was admitted to Fortis Hospital; reports showed that he was out of danger and was recovering. But all of a sudden, Pratham started a fight at the hospital on Wednesday afternoon. The sources said that the hospital authorities had asked the people concerned to shift him from the hospital especially after Pratham went naked and started running around the hospital, reported Public TV.


Later that day, he was admitted to Nimhans Hospital, which specialises in neuro-related problems. After getting admitted there and MRI scan, Pratham started acting hyper and was seen shouting that he is not mad. He also had a fight with his parents in this regard.


Thus, now he has been shifted from Nimhans to KIMS hospital, where he is being treated.


After winning the Bigg Boss 4, Pratham had got a chance to act in four movies in the lead role.