Video: Actress Samyukta Hegde's sexy dance moves will blow your mind

entertainment | 18 May 2018 7:23 AM (UTC)
Richa Barua
  • 1. Samyukta Hegde contested in Big Boss season 5
  • 2. She also was a contestant in MTV Roadies
  • 3. She is known for her incredible dance moves

After her first debut in a Kannada film "Kirik Party",  Samyuktha Hegde has won the hearts of the young men out there. Recently, Samyukhta Hegde uploaded her dance rehearsal video on Instagram, and the viewers are going crazy of her new seducing dance forms. She is seen dancing with John Anthony, director of LRDA, a dance academy. 

Samyuktha Hegde was a contestant of Bigg Boss season 5 and had been evicted from the house for assaulting Sameer Acharya accusing him of the wrong touches now comes out with the seducing dance forms with John J Anthony. Here is a video of Samyuktha Hegde and John J Anthony grooves together. 




Just dancing around #bachata #tryingoutnewthings @john_j_anthony

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