Prithviraj and Supriya Menon got married on 25 April 2011 in a private ceremony at Palakkad. In the year, 2014, their daughter was born, whom they named Alankrita. 


In an interview with Times Of India, he opened up about his wife and how they met in Mumbai.  "Though Supriya is a Malayali, she has spent the most of her life in Mumbai. She's a Mumbai girl. In fact, I saw the real Mumbai through Supriya's eyes. Of course, I knew Mumbai before I got to know her. But it was Supriya who showed me the sides of Mumbai I had never seen."


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During his visit to Mumbai, he wanted to see the places mentioned in Gregory David Roberts' novel Shantaram after reading the book. He said, "I wanted to see all the places described in the novel Shantaram like Haji Ali and the Leopold Cafe. Supriya was a friend. I asked her to take me to all these places. So, thus I was in Mumbai and Supriya took over my life for the next few weeks." 


He added, "This was when we fell in love and decided to get married. So the city holds a great romantic connection for me. I'd love to live in Mumbai that gave the love of my life."


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While talking about his wife, the actor's voice fills up with respect and gratitude. "Supriya gave up her job and city to live with me in Kerala. I owe my wife a lot. I don't think I would be what I am today without her support."


In an interview, Supriya had revealed that Prithviraj is a great cook and can make delicious continental dishes, including pasta. 


Prithviraj- Supriya have always been travel lovers and love to visit the not-so-famous destinations across the world. Even now, the couple enjoys their favourite hobby; but only according to Alankrita's convenience.


We Asianet Newsable wish Prithviraj and Supriya a happy 6th wedding anniversary.