The video titled 'How Much Cleavage is Good Cleavage' is creating quite the buzz and has crossed five lakhs views in one day. In the three-minute video, which has gone viral, the duo talks of how a woman should manage her cleavage depending on where she is located. As the video plays, the strong message of women empowerment leaves the viewers stunned.


Whether it is the workplace, the gym, a party or a crowded place, they have covered all kinds of situations and the perfect neckline for each.


The video begins with Swara Bhaskar talking about the workplace where women must “wear collar bone high neck and strangle oneself because the office is no place to flaunt neckline.”


In the club, the actors tell all the ladies to "scarf it up or wear your mummy's, daadi's shawl". It could maybe just be the start of a new trend.


Next, comes Taapsee who gives a style tip for what to wear at the gym where there will be men as well and a woman must keep her assets in check. She says, ”In the gym, there is so much pressure of losing weight, sweating it out, but that is not enough. You also have to keep in mind that your T-shirt has a safari neck.”


Later, both the actresses added, "Big, small, different sizes, loose, tight, whatever. It's ours and it's our right to celebrate it."


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