When we talk about talented and beautiful actresses in Bollywood Sridevi is always the first person who comes to our mind.

Along with being a great actress, she was also a stupendous painter. Her artwork was so good that it was in the process of being auctioned in Dubai this year. However, there is one painting that has been special to Boney Kapoor and has found a prominent place in his office. This painting is said to be one of the priced possessions of the Kapoors.

Did you know that Sridevi once made a portrait of Sonam Kapoor and the auction price kicked off from Rs 10 lakh? Sridevi made the portrait before the release of Sonam's debut movie Saawariya.

Sridevi also made a portrait of the late Michael Jackson whose bid she hoped to begin from Rs 8 lakh.

Not just Sonam Kapoor, Sridevi also drew portraits of her daughters and other family members.

According to a source, Sridevi's passion was incredibly personal to her, and her paintings were auctioned only in Dubai that too for a good cause.