Apart from motherhood and music shows what else is keeping singer Jyotsna busy these days?
Well, the singer tells her fans that she has turned quite tech-smart now and has successfully recovered her Facebook page that 'disappeared' from the cyber space one fine morning. 


Her Facebook page, with over 5 lakh likes, suddenly vanished recently. Jyotsna says she was a victim of a common fraud by admins who manage celebrity pages on social media platforms.


" I had a very active and vibrant official Facebook page managed by a group of admins. On a fine morning, they told me that my Facebook page got deleted beyond recovery while updating the system. I got suspicious and did a bit of research myself and found that the people whom I blindly trusted had cheated me. I was also the admin of the page, but they cleverly removed me and was planning to use those likes to start a fresh page of their own. When I confronted them, they gave back my old page,"  Jyotsna said in a video posted on her Facebook page on Thursday.


The singer urged her celebrity friends and peers working in the showbiz not to hand over the rights of their of their social media pages to others and cautioned them to keep a check on social media managers.