The pandemic has hit everyone hard and people from all walks of life have suffered a lot and some have also lost their jobs. The entertainment industry has done their bit in helping the ones in need in whatever way they can. 

Shraddha Kapoor who never backs out and is always eager to help, helped the entertainment photographers and provided monetary aid to them. As Ganesh Chaturthi is also being celebrated, it is seen as the perfect time to do yet another good deed.

The actress has also used the lockdown effectively and has become the voice of stray animals. Her initiative of #LockdownZoos had been appreciated by all. The actress recently also donated towards the rehabilitation of animals and also urged her audiences to do the same.

The actress has used her influence and fan following to help people in many ways and has  also encouraged audiences to do the same.

The people's actress is also taking precautionary steps to save the environment by using a wooden toothbrush, bucket to bathe and much more. She is raising her voice to save the earth to make it comfortably safe for the future generations too.