Rhea Chakraborty, who is under investigation in connection with the death of actor Sushant Rajput, has claimed that the actor died just days after he obtained a prescription for medicines from his sister Priyanka Singh.

Rhea has approached the Bombay High Court seeking rejection of the plea filed by Priyanka and Meetu Singh to quash the FIR filed against them by her.

Here are some of the points Rhea made in her response:

* Sushant's sisters allegedly conspired to obtain false prescriptions from Dr Tarun Kumar to administer certain drugs to Sushant Singh Rajput. 

* Some of the drugs listed in the prescription are listed in the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.

* Sushant had been diagnosed and was receiving treatment for bipolar disorder with her support.

* Rhea claims she told Sushant not to consume unprescribed medication given that his sister had no medical qualifications.

* Sushant died merely 5 days after he obtained the said prescription wherein he was unlawfully prescribed psychotropic substances.

* Actions of Priyanka, Meetu and Dr Kumar should be investigated to find out how they could provide Sushant with bogus and unlawful prescriptions