Soundarya Sharma, currently stranded in Los Angeles along with 400 Indian students, has approached the Indian embassy and the Ministry of External Affairs to arrange an evacuation flight back to India amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Soundarya was in LA to attend the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

The "Ranchi Diaries" actor said she has been writing to the embassy and MEA for evacuation assistance but there has been no positive response "nor any assistance to Indians who have been unable to meet their ends here."

"These are challenging times for everyone, but my heart goes to hundred of students including other fellow Indians who are stuck here, without proper accommodation and resources," Soundarya said in a statement.

The actor said she "humbly requests" the Indian embassy and the MEA for a "stimulus package" for students and fellow Indians who are stuck.
"To help overcome this situation and hopefully arrange a evacuation flight back to India," she added.