Nepali rapper Prakash Neupane is trying to bring about a change’ with his songs that reflect the true face of politics in Nepal. With over 40 popular songs and three successful albums in his portfolio, the singer-music composer has made it big by raising his voice against corruption and dirty politics prevalent in the country now.

For him, the most powerful weapon to revolutionise and bring change is music. His every song showcases how citizens of the country are deprived of freedom of speech and expression. Despite being a democratic nation, the President’s rule still exists in Nepal, where people do not have a public voice. The rich has more money in hand while the poor are getting poorer. There is corruption in every field. Criminals are moving around freely with no court verdict justifying the victims.

Prakash has raised his voice against this corruption and pitiable state of the country through his beautiful songs. He has already released three political songs: Arajak Niti, Bang Bang, and Satta, all of which show the dirty side of Nepal's politics. At the same time, he breaks the stereotypical concept of hip-hop music and has been pioneering the trend of Nephrops.

His latest, Satta, is a political rap song about the country's political situation where corruption is rising, people are not free to speak. Nepal had to deal with 10 year-long civil war when thousands of innocent people died. So, the young star Neupane has dedicated his song Bang Bang to Nepal's victims of political strikes. He believes that people have the right to speak and the right to get justice.

In his song, Arajakniti he has requested the government to provide justice for Nirmala Panta. On July 27, 2018, Nirmala Panta, a 13-year-old girl from Kanchanpur, was brutally raped and murdered. Until now, the government has not arrested the culprit nor given justice to the family of Nirmala Panta.

He said, "Rap is all about delivering the real truth of the society. It is a beautiful art form in which we can raise our voices and positively impact society. Rap is not only about being gangster Smoking and wearing fashionable clothes and gold chains aside that, but rap also is an art of expression, and I want to express through rap." Neupane is trying to reflect the social and political situation and clash on his songs.

Neupane, popularly known for Nepali hip-hop, is inspired by Eminem – the rap god of the hip-hop industry. However, he gave a complete makeover to rap-singing by aligning his thoughts with Nepal's current political scenario.

That has made him a more responsible singer who has been vocal about protecting the rights of people. With his healthy thinking and skillful rap-singing capability, he has successfully reached out to masses, spreading his bold message to the public.