Erotic pictures featuring filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma and Pornstar Mia Malkova lost deep in intense conversation, have gone viral.

RGV and Mia Malkova, the star of his movie God, Sex And Truth have similar views on sex, which led them to collaborate for the movie. Mia said, “It’s a projection of our common beliefs.” 

A few behind the scenes pictures of this erotic web film have raised eyebrows of the netizens.

Here we bring you these erotic viral pictures featuring RGV and Mia.

Check them out:




While Malkova is busy in conversation, Ramu documents her from a distance.

The trailer for the film was released last week. In the video, the actress spoke about the purpose of being a porn star.

Watch the trailer below:  


God, Sex and Truth will drop on the internet on Mia Malkova’s official Vimeo Channel.