Kodi parakkudhu (the flag flies high) is an oft-used dialogue in this movie. While the flag here symbolises his party, the movie surely flies high with Dhanush’s talent and the movie’s story-line. Politics may not be of much interest to a layman. But Kodi keeps you riveted with all the necessary commercial ingredients. The plot, to start with, is well-thought-out. And if there’s an actor who has done full justice to it, that’s Trisha. In the movie, she plays the character of a true politician – where money and power are the only two overpowering desires. While Dhanush comes with an equal fervour, he remains stranded due to a trait that is wiped out in politicians now – sincerity.


Dhanush plays a double role for the first time. And as twins, they keep you entertained in the first half as they bring out contrasting characters in each other. One of them is christened as Kodi, which means flag. Here, it signifies party flag. And the story suggests that Dhanush as Kodi is born and destined only to make a mark in politics. The story set in Tamil Nadu is all about whether destiny guides him to be so.


One can draw parallels between the political scene of TN in reel and real – the two dominant parties, one with a green symbol representing the leaf and the other with a red-and-black symbol. Highlight being the manner in which one of the party supremos conducts a video conference to select candidates.


Dhanush, being the son-in-law of Superstar Rajinikanth, reflects thalaivar's style and mannerisms in many scenes. Especially opening a number of the hero, where he walks with hands on his hips and then jumps on the bonnet of the car to sit cross-legged. The tunes have a Kabali ring to it? You’re right; it’s Santosh Narayan here too. However, anticipating the catchy and fiery Nerruppu tune of Kabali, the music is a bit of a let-down, begetting the question: has the Nerruppu (fire) been doused?

Scenes with Anupama Parameshwaran, the second heroine, were a bit of a drag for she virtually had no role to play. Her presence meant to bring in light-hearted humor and romance, was in vain. Having said that, the film collected ₹ 15 crores in the box office in the first two days due to some sharp editing by Prakash Mabbu specifically carrying the scenes of political rivalry.


Full points to the director RS Durai Senthilkumar for many Tamil films do not revolve around a strong female lead. Trisha, as the unwavering and conniving politician, provides a refreshing change is. Dhanush’s association with Durai began in 2013 when he produced his film Ethir Neechal and Kakki Sattai in 2015. Both films played well at the box office. Similarly, Dhanush’s association with students and student life started with Kadhal Kondein in 2003 and continued in 2014 with Vellaiilla Pattadhari. Kodi too shows the hero amassing the strength of student power.


At the end of it all, Dhanush and Trisha steal the show. Yet, one can’t help but wish Dhanush gained some weight with some muscles to flex. Wouldn’t that compliment his skills in acting?