This is probably for the first time in Kannada film industry that a top actor is serving food to his fans after the success of his movie. 

This actor is non-other than Shiva Rajkumar who is celebrating his movie Tagaru's success with his fans and the Kannada troll page admins.

Yes, you heard it right, on February 27 the superstar called all the Facebook troll page admins who helped his movie for promotion. It is a trend in South India where before the movie is released a few Facebook pages started making pictures memes and videos memes regarding the movie to create a hype among the fans and movie-goers.

So, our humble century star Shiva Rajkumar invited troll page admins to his house and gave them an evening snack. Surprisingly, the hero was seen serving samosas and cold drinks to the guest with his own hands.

Take a look.