Condoms are a useful and safe method for family planning and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. They are cheap and ideally should be used extensively. As India's 127 crore population and some 21 lakh HIV patients prove, we are a country that needs them. 

However, we are also a country which makes the purchase, and use of condoms are strange, hidden concept filled with awkwardness. We just do not like to talk about it. 

But maybe Ranveer's new Durex ad will help drive a little more conversation in that direction. Here are four reasons why the ad rocks. 

(PS: Yes, the ad is a remake of an earlier Korean Durex ad. But the same company, so that is fine.) 

1) Star power



Few, if any, mainstream A-list stars bother to appear in condom ads. Ranveer Singh's new condom ad for Durex is refreshing since it has an A-Lister not only agreeing to be in a condom ad but starring in a quite well made one to boot.


This 'normalisation' of condom use is something India needs desperately, and Ranveer making it appear normal is a great choice for the actor. 

2) No sleaze, only sex



Condom ads in India are usually overtly seductive short films that must be watched in private. There seems to be a strange belief among condom ad makers that somehow they have to titillate viewers to encourage them to use the product. Even though, common sense tells you that if you are watching a video, instead of having a romantic evening, then the chances of you using the product are slim.


It is refreshing to see that Ranveer's ad does not try to get any of 'those' reactions from you, but is instead light, funny and engaging. 



3) Average girl power


In India, there seem to be only two ways to highlight women. It is either over-the-top 'Stree Shakti' types who go around transforming the world with their attitude and strength, or the tragic ones who make us feel guilty about the horrible way we treat women in our country.


However, between these two, the 'average' girl, who you can perhaps identify with, is lost. 



In Ranveer's ad, Durex has decided to have the woman bring the condoms with her, and it is done in a normal way. Thankfully, there is no 'shock' scene where Ranveer is AMAZED that a GIRL bought a CONDOM. No, it just happens and it is cool. 

4) Meant for each other



This one is an old one, and possibly a myth, but it is worth repeating nevertheless. Back in 2014, in an interview, Ranveer Singh claimed that he got the endorsement not because Durex approached him, but the other way around. He said that he had contacted Durex.


In a time when most celebrities endorse almost anything, it is nice to hear that he picked at least one brand which had some meaning for him.