Chennai: The issue between Tamil comedian Vadivelu and his sidekick Singamuthu that happened years ago, recently surfaced on social media. Another comedian Manobala, who invited Singamuthu on his YouTube channel Waste Paper, spoke about Vadivelu and his tiff with Singamuthu. 

Soon after, Vadivelu reportedly approached the South Indian Artistes' Association (Nadigar Sangam). 

It is said that, during the interview, Singamuthu spoke about his age-old issue with popular actor Vadivelu involving property matters.

Antoganised by this development, Vadivelu took the issue to South Indian Artistes' Association (Nadigar Sangam) and filed a complaint against the two artistes.

Vadivelu claimed that he was hurt when Manobala and Singamuthu spoke about “this sensitive issue”. 

The famous comedian also alleged that Manobala shared the interview on a WhatsApp group, which has many actors from the South Indian Artistes' Association. He stated that this left him “embarrassed”.