South actress Samyukta Hegde, who also did a stint in Roadies and Kannada Bigg Boss is known to be a controversy's child. Now, her wild card entry into Splitsvilla is breaking hearts, say sources.

Samyukta became popular after her appearance in Kannada blockbuster movie Kirik Party. Kirik means troubleand standing true to it, wherever she has stepped in, she becomes the centre of controversies.

Now, she has got a wild card entry into MTVs Splitsvilla dating reality show. Her entry has created a storm inside the house and it is said that the contestants have joined hands to drive her away from the show.

Samyukta's entry has caused an uproar in the relationship between Simba and Myr, who were allegedly getting close to each other. But now, Simba is said to be drawn towards Samyukta and is ignoring Myra, which has made all the contestants angry.

Samyukta had created a scene in the Bigg Boss house too, accusing contestant Sameer Acharya of misbehaviour.

She is also said to have created problems in the sets of Kirik Party (Telugu remake of the Kannada film Kirik Party) with her attitude.

Just a day ago, Samyukta had posted her  picture from inside the Splitsvilla.


With Samyukta becoming the reason for Saimba-Myr split, will she be sent out of the house?