Just like that, we can't stop watching and gush about this romantic movie Premam. 

Here are 8 reasons why we should watch this movie again and again.

1)  Malar (Sai Pallavi) 
The performance of Sai Pallavi was outstanding throughout the film and everyone feels for her at the end. Her awesome transformation to a dancer during the rehearsal also brought huge applause in the theatre.
2 George David (Nivin Pauly)
Nivin Pauly has given an outstanding performance, and shows why he is one of the must-watch talents in Mollywood. You can watch Premam again and again just for Nivin.


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3) The background score:
The music, however, is what makes every scene memorable, and perfect. Malar, Mary and Celine all come with their own music into George’s life. Mary’s is peppy, Malar’s is tragic and deep and Celine’s is romantic.

4) Love
We all know that in 95% cases first love ends in a disaster, and it breaks your heart. It's the same in the movie also but it shows love never ends, and gives you hope that you fill find another person.

5) Storyline
The movie has a story which has not been told before, and has passion and innocence. Premam shows the uncommon subject of a student falling in love with a teacher.


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6) Supporting cast
Girirajan Kozhi, Dolly D'Cruz, Java Sir and PT Sir are all eccentric, lovable and extremely funny characters. 

7) Hangout places
'Kozhikada' is a place where you find all kinds of flirts like Girirajan Kozhi. These local tea shops where the boys get together with plans to woo the girls became popular.

8) Lead actresses
All actresses in the movie became the talk of the town. All have captured people's hearts and that makes the Premam ladies different from other heroines we have had.