Porn Ads in website
Regarding Adware/ Malware generating Porn Advertisments


If any porn advertisements are being shown on regular non-pornographic or non- adult websites, then it may be because of adware/ malware that have been installed on your browsers.

Certain adware or malware installed on the end user’s/ viewer’s browsers may generate such advertisements run by unrelated 3rd parties. This usually happens if end user’s system is used to browse adult content and pornography. It can also happen when the end user inadvertently downloads some software or plugin without verifying or ascertaining its implications and or how it may affect the user’s computer and other genuine software.

As a first step, we suggest the following;

As a second step, please mail us at webteam@asianetnews.in. At this point our technical team, may need to access your computer either remotely or you may make it available to us at our office for checking and analyzing the issue.

In simple terms, do not download plugins or software that you do not fully understand in terms of how it may affect your system.


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