Humanity has fallen so low in Madhya Pradesh's Chhtarapur as a 25-year-old Dalit man was beaten to death, for his fault of serving food for himself at upper caste man's feast in the village.

As per reports, the victim identified as Devraj Anuragi was called to clean Kishanpur village after the feast, however, upon seeing the victim serving food for himself, two upper caste men identified as Bhoora Soni and Santosh Pal began attacking the victim with sticks.

The accused were furious as they thought the Dalit man had spoilt the purity of the feast by touching the food.

Soon after the incident, both the accused went absconding and a case under section 302 has been booked against them.

Caste based discrimination is not new and are quite common during village fares and village deity procession. But this incident of attack and murder for merely touching food perhaps is the rarest.